Stretching a Car into a Manufactured Limo

Do you want to travel like a famous celebrity? Do you want to go for a round trip round the city late at night in a stretched limo? The moment you witnessed a limousine, you might have become bowled over by the magnificence of the car. However, have you ever wondered how a limousine became a stretched limo?

According to limo manufacturer, limos started as normal cars. However, in order to stretch the limousines it underwent a series of construction process. Only after that, the original limo was stretched by 1-3 meters.


When you hire a limousine, you might have wondered about its intricate designs or the interior decorations. Car manufacturing companies can easily transform a regular Sedan into a stretched limo that is adorned with high-end fabrics and classy amenities. Even though the task of conversion is a hard one; still, manufacturers are taking great efforts to transform it.

Limo Conversion

Limo conversion became widespread during the year 1928. During this year, the first coach limousine was created. It was created in order to transport wealthy and prosperous people in large groups. Gradually, limo manufacturers started to convert Lincoln and Cadillac for funeral processions. The moment these types of vehicles started to gain popularity, other manufacturing companies started to enter the market.

While it might seem to the history of the stretched limousines, you might be wondering about the process of transforming a car into a limousine. In order to know the process, you need to take a look into the rest of the blog.

In order to stretch a car into a limousine, fairly a universal approach is taken.

Limo manufacturers try to understand the requirement of the vehicle from the clients. After assessing and conceptualizing, initial inspection of the vehicle is done. The interior of the car is stripped and fire-resistant paper is added. After that, the vehicle is mounted and the car is cut into half. For carrying out this process, laser-guided machine is used. Once precision cut are made, twosections of the car is left.

The back section of the car is pulled back while the base is welded to connect the front and back of the car. Once the desired extended length is achieved, temporary braces area attached to both ends. It can prevent warping and twisting.

Limo manufacturer connect multiple drive line and expand the body of the vehicle, right from the engine back to rear axe. The vehicle’s electrical elements are streamlined. Once the base is placed, application of pillar post starts. It helps to indicate the position of the limo doors.

Once the floor is installed, the steering mechanism, brakes, suspension is fortified. Necessary adjustment is made so that maneuvering the vehicle becomes easy. Usually, Limo manufacturers ensure that there is no difficulty in stopping the vehicle. Apart from painting the car, luxurious amenities are attached to the car so that it looks great on the roads.

Limousines need to go through a series of tests. When it passes the test successfully, it can hit the roads.

A limousine might look great on the roads. However, as the original framework undergoes a sea-change, it is important to follow the state and federal regulations and safety standards in order to make the vehicle operable.  Read more about exclusive prom coaches here!